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EP 97: How Aravind Srinivas (Perplexity CEO) is Disrupting Google Search with AI

Episode Notes

One of the most preeminent AI founders, Aravind Srinivas (CEO, Perplexity), believes we could see 100+ AI startups valued over $10B in our future. In the episode, we discuss why Perplexity decided to compete with Google and Aravind shares predictions for the utopian future of artificial intelligence. He also discusses the differences between working at both DeepMind and OpenAI, why personalized knowledge on demand could be a trillion-dollar opportunity and more.


(00:00) Intro

(01:34) The Evolution of Search Engines

(04:01) Perplexity: Bridging the Gap Between Google and Wikipedia

(05:04) The Philosophy Behind Perplexity and Its Unique Approach

(06:33) Redefining Search: The Shift from Links to Answers

(09:02) The Business Model Dilemma: Google's Challenge with Innovation

(13:46) The Importance of Aligning Shareholder and User Interests

(27:00) The Complexities of Building a Competitive AI Talent Pool

(33:33) Perplexity's Business Model and Subscription Strategy

(39:54) The Future of Search: Personalization and Real-Time Data

(44:21) Enhancing User Engagement with Suggested Next Questions

(48:10) Key Success Metrics and the Importance of Daily Queries

(50:21) The Challenge of Gaining User Trust

(50:48) Personalizing Products for User Engagement

(50:55) Navigating the AI Model Landscape

(51:40) The Strategic Decision Against Building Own Models

(52:22) Leveraging Open Source Models and Infrastructure Efficiency

(53:37) The Business Model and Value Proposition

(58:12) AI's Potential to Transform Work and Empowerment

(01:03:11) The Future of AI: More Compute or Breakthroughs?

(01:05:39) The Startup Ecosystem and AI's Billion-Dollar Potential

(01:07:26) AI Safety and Regulation: A Founder's Perspective

(01:08:15) Inspirations and Influences: Learning from Larry Page

(01:20:51) Building a User-Centric Product: The Perplexity Journey

(01:36:13) The Future of Perplexity and Changing User Habits


Produced: Rashad Assir & Leah Clapper

Mixed and edited: Justin Hrabovsky

Executive Producer: Josh Machiz


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