The Logan Bartlett Show

EP 9: Facebook Execs Go Extremely Remote, Bored Ape Yacht Club’s Gaming Era, Ethereum Regret and Nikita’s Back Once Again!

Episode Summary

The Three Cartoon Avatars are back together to discuss why Facebook execs have to travel SO far just to avoid Zuck, whether owning a monkey picture counts as a game, and how the inventor of Ethereum might have made a Frankenstein’s Monster only if all the part came from tech bros.

Episode Notes

(01:26) Facebook executives flee but not in a super disconcerting way yet

(09:34) Yuga Labs raised $450 million dollars to let Bored Ape Yacht Club try to do a thing

(21:53) Democratizing NFTs for everybody as long as everybody has $250,000

(29:33) Why you’d mess with NFT success kinda just because it’s cool

(35:43) How Vitalik Buterin just wanted his World of Warcraft stuff and now there are million dollar monkeys


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