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EP 69: Emmett Shear (Co-Founder, Twitch). Behind-The-Scenes stories from Twitch's growth to streaming leader

Episode Notes

Emmett Shear is the co-founder of Twitch, one of the most influential platforms in recent history. From its humble beginnings as a gaming streaming platform to becoming a cultural phenomenon, Twitch has redefined the way we connect, entertain, and build communities online. 

The episode is packed with stories from Emmett’s 16-year tenure as CEO and his journey to founding the company. Emmett shares product frameworks he used to grow and retain streamers, how he learned to not suck at management, and why he thinks remote is bad for most tech start-ups. Emmett also shares insights from being part of the very first batch of YC-founded startups in 2005 alongside Sam Altman and Paul Graham. Finally, Emmett shares what he’s most scared about when it comes to AI. 

(0:00) Intro

(1:46) Welcome Emmett Shear

(8:03) Products leading to Twitch


(28:10) Getting growth

(32:40) Cultivating the community for the streamer

(39:02) Google acquihire

(47:05) Declining value to more money

(54:16) Changes in levels of abstraction

(1:00:13) Management lessons

(1:08:52) Remote work debate

(1:17:49) Mentors and coaching

(1:28:24) Ambitions of the founder

(1:36:53) Back to YC

(1:44:45) AI Concerns

(2:03:28) Being a techno optimist

(2:17:44) Turning 40


Mixed and edited: Justin Hrabovsky

Produced: Rashad Assir

Executive Producer: Josh Machiz

Music: Griff Lawson


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