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EP 44: Sid Sijbrandij (Founder/CEO, GitLab) - Corporate Transparency, Open Source Philosophy, Remote Work and Global Talent Pools

Episode Notes

In the 44th episode GitLab Co-Founder and CEO Sid Sijbrandij discusses the importance of transparency both within a company and publicly and the philosophies of open source and success. Plus why he’s such an advocate for remote work and the troubles with hybrid offices.

(0:00) Introducing Sid Sijbrandij

(13:43) Corporate Transparency

(22:03) Remote work

(25:13) Philosophies for success

(26:55) Team ops

(32:37) Human elements of remote work

(36:14) Hybrid work

(39:07) Global talent pool

(43:10) Measuring productivity

(50:08) The shadow program

(54:14) Staying in the Bay Area

(56:57) Situational leadership

(1:00:08) Outro

Mixed and edited: Justin Hrabovsky

Produced: Andrew Nadeau and Rashad Assir

Executive Producer: Josh Machiz

Music: Griff Lawson

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