The Logan Bartlett Show

EP 108: Olivier Pomel (CEO, Datadog) Shares Every Lesson From Scaling to $40B

Episode Notes

Olivier Pomel built Datadog into a $40B company while burning only $25M in capital. In our conversation, he shares the fundraising lessons, operating principles, and core insights that made this possible. He also discusses the pros and cons of building a tech company in NYC, how early-career professionals should approach learning AI tools, how Datadog is building a trusted relationship with their users around AI features, and much more

(00:00) Intro

(01:30) Datadog's Early Challenges and Lessons

(04:32) The Core Insight Behind Datadog

(05:20) Building the Right Product

(07:46) Transitioning to Open Beta

(09:38) Expanding Datadog's Product Line

(11:26) Platform Vision and Modular Products

(18:12) Empowering Product Teams

(22:14) Acquisitions and Integration Strategy

(33:18) Customer-Centric Approach

(36:39) Bottom-Up Sales Strategy

(46:04) Navigating Founder Challenges

(46:37) Building a Collaborative Management Team

(48:32) Staying Close to Customers

(51:36) Maintaining a Culture of Discipline and Efficiency

(56:26) Pricing Strategy and Market Positioning

(01:01:24) Fostering a Low-Ego, High-Performance Culture

(01:06:32) Hiring and Promoting for Long-Term Success

(01:12:21) Fundraising and Investor Relations

(01:16:03) Deciding Whether to Sell or Scale

(01:18:26) The Impact of AI on Software Development

(01:23:24) Choosing New York Over Silicon Valley

(01:28:04) Final Thoughts and Reflections