The Logan Bartlett Show

EP 107: Steve Kaufer (Co-Founder, Tripadvisor) - Why He Left & What He’s Building Now

Episode Notes

Steve Kaufer led Tripadvisor to multi-billion dollar success over a 20+ year run as CEO. He discusses getting acquired and spun out from IAC, becoming a public company CEO, and his biggest operating lessons from his decades-long journey. Steve also shares behind-the-scenes of his new venture, Give Freely, and reflects on his entrepreneurial path.


(00:00) Intro

(01:00)  Steve Kaufer's Journey with Tripadvisor

(03:18) Handling Negative Reviews and Legal Issues

(05:24) Psychology of Reviews and User Behavior

(10:01) Impact of AI on Review Platforms

(15:02) Graduation Speech and Key Lessons

(16:33) Speed Wins: The Importance of Agility

(22:46) Measuring Success and Embracing Change

(28:40) Hard Work and Personal Growth

(36:20) Management and Leadership Insights

(40:23) Setting Company Culture

(48:00) Adapting to Market Changes

(51:45) Hiring the Right People

(53:27) Identifying Red Flags in Interviews

(54:51) The Importance of Self-Improvement

(55:29) Curiosity and Adaptability in Candidates

(56:36) Managing Through Crises: 9/11 and COVID-19

(01:02:12) Lessons from Early Career and Centerline Software

(01:05:02) Founding Tripadvisor and Its Growth

(01:18:03) Tripadvisor's Acquisition and Integration with IAC

(01:25:23) Transitioning from Tripadvisor to Give Freely

(01:27:26) The Vision and Impact of Give Freely

(01:37:10) Conclusion and Final Thoughts


Show Notes: